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Your company suffers from the supply crisis?

Read this, if your company suffers from the supply crisis. The crisis in the supply chain affects many companies that, to produce, need raw materials provided by third parties. Most of the affected companies worked directly with foreign suppliers and see without being able to do anything as their goods or the pieces, specially produced for them, remain immobilized on a ship, anchored for 90 days, off the coast of a port.
These companies have no choice but to seek alternative supply routes, reduce production or close their doors. A true tragedy, after having resisted more than two years of the pandemic.
If you own a company affected by a lack of supply, unable to produce or provide service, don’t forget that you have a business insurance package or SOB. If the agent who advised you when you signed the contract was forward-looking enough, the package will include business interruption coverage.
So please read this policy carefully. Generally, it provides the funds to pay the profits the business would have made if it were open, and it will also help you pay for rent, premiums on loans you have borrowed on behalf of the business, and employee checks during the business. interruption.
If in doubt, contact an insurance specialist at Univista Insurance and they will be happy to help you unravel the details of your business insurance. Read this, if your company suffers from the supply crisis.
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