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Roll up your pants, the Royal Tide is here

The press this week echoed the complaints of a businessman, in Fort Lauderdale, very upset that his premises were flooded every year due to the King Tide, an atmospheric phenomenon that raises the sea level several feet. Due to the characteristics of our subsoil, suddenly, from the sewers and the earth itself, water begins to emanate capable of flooding streets, houses and businesses.

The man complained to the cameras and argued that “every year the Royal Tide causes great expenses.” And he argued that the pumps to extract the water financed with public money “were not working well.”

“The most amazing thing is that one looks at the sky and does not see a single cloud and yet the water on the ground rises to a little higher than our ankles,” he said puzzled.

Well yes, the King Tide season is here. And while it is expected to be less intense than other years, it always poses a flood hazard for homes and businesses near bodies of water.

The prediction is that this year floods will occur from October 14 to 21 and happen again between November 13 to 18, every day for approximately 12 hours.

Our advice is that, if your house is flooded, do not call the press, use your flood policy and claim what you have contracted with your insurer so that it is he who assumes the damages caused by the waters in your house.

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