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Seven tips for hitting the road on Spring Break

Seven tips for hitting the road on Spring Break. Spring break is here. Thousands of university students from all over the country travel to different tourist places to take advantage of that valuable week and relax with friends or family.
To fulfill this Spring Break ritual, many young people will prefer to drive hundreds of miles in their own cars and save resources that they could use for hotel rentals, meals, or excursions.
Although traveling by road can be super exciting, it is advisable to plan your route carefully to avoid unnecessary delays, fatigue, or even fatal accidents.
That is why we share some tips that will make the trip more fun and efficient. Seven tips for hitting the road on Spring Break.

  1. Check the vehicle before starting the trip. Check the fluid level and that the tire pressure is optimal, including the spare tire.
  2. Try to rest the day before. Leave early, when the body is cooler, have a good breakfast before to avoid fatigue while driving, and carry water to hydrate.
  3. Plan the stops. Even if you are not tired, clear out every so often and stretch your legs. Stop at highway rest spots. Go to a coffee shop, eat, drink coffee. If you feel sleepy, do not try to continue driving. Find where to stop and take a little nap.
  4. The best thing about these long trips is to have good company. Find another study partner who plans to do the same trip and agree to travel together. So they can take turns driving and avoid distractions.
  5. Use the most up-to-date version of your GPS that allows you to anticipate everything that happens on the road, detours, alternative routes, or gas stations to refuel.
  6. Download good music to keep you alert, without ignoring speed limits.
  7. Check if your auto insurance has roadside assistance, a key coverage for these long trips.

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