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Factors to consider before buying a car

One of the material pillars of the American dream is owning a good car. For many, a moment of self-realization is being able to enter a dealer, point the finger, and, with a certain arrogance, say: “I want that car.”

But before living that image so much like a Hollywood movie, it is important to take into account several factors that revolve around the purchase of a car and thus avoid that, over time, the decision becomes a frustration or a nightmare.

There is a maxim that says “the dealer goes with the homework.” Six factors to consider before buying a car.

1-Do you need a car?

The motivations for buying a vehicle can be multiple and all are valid. There is the person who lacks their own transportation and needs a vehicle to go to work. There are others who drive transportation, an old cart and believe that they deserve better. However, there are those who have a good car but want to change brands or take the latest model.

Regardless of your motivation, the question to ask yourself is whether you really need to take the step.

2- How are you going to finance it?

Once the need is found, it’s time to know how you are going to finance it, what your credit status is, and how much you are willing to pay as a monthly premium. If your credit is good, you have a magnificent weapon when it comes to negotiating at the dealer. But it is advisable to first inquire at your bank about the conditions that they offer you in a loan to acquire a car.

3- Is leasing, new or second-hand, convenient for me?

Knowing the budget in advance is key when solving the equation: leasing, new or second hand. The budgeted money tells you if you have enough to buy a new large or small vehicle, if it is enough to acquire a high-end vehicle but second-hand, or perhaps, it allows you to rent a high-end car that you must return in three years. You should not ignore the miles you plan to travel with that vehicle in your analysis.

4- Do not lose sight of the big goals

Thinking short-term often puts higher goals and objectives at risk. It often happens that, when you acquire a loan to buy a car, while that debt lasts, it prevents you from obtaining a mortgage loan. If you are thinking of buying a house, the smart thing to do would be to buy a second-hand car, which can be paid in cash or in a few installments.

5- The dealer

If you are already clear about the car you want, and you have a defined budget. It’s time to go to the dealership and point your finger: “I want that car.” In spite of everything, you will have to negotiate, but you will be protected by the limits that you have set.

6-Do not gamble with the insurance

The dealership will try to sell you all kinds of guarantees and protections, including car insurance. If you are smart you will know that your best option to obtain cheap insurance is Univista Insurance. From the same dealer, call 305-508-9575 and you will get a policy just tailored to your budget.

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