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Six Tips to Keep while Driving

Six tips to Keep you from Ruining your Life while Driving

21.4 million people live in Florida. Of these, 14 million have a driver’s license. In 2019 alone, there were 400,904 car accidents in which just over 254,000 people were injured and another 3,251 lost their lives.

If these figures are taken into account, published preliminarily by the Florida Department of Roads and Motor Vehicles, on the roads of the Sunshine State, 9 people die a day and about 700 are injured, victims of car accidents.

A few numbers that should be enough to convince anyone behind the wheel to abide by the following six rules:

  1. If you drive, it is necessary to use the car’s protection systems, mainly the seat belt. All occupants must be protected. About 41% of those who died in road accidents were not wearing a seat belt.
  2. It is key to respect the speed, the safety distance between vehicles, and the traffic signs. Those who arrive faster do not drive better, those who respect the established rules do so. Skipping a red light is not being “a driving beast”, it is risking your life and the lives of many people by stupidly gaining perhaps a few seconds.
  3. Pets distract the driver. We see many people traveling with the dog sitting on their lap while driving. Pets must travel in the back seat so that they do not interfere with the driver’s activity.
  4. Fundamental, if you drink or consume drugs you should not drive. Having your reflexes at one hundred percent is key to reacting to the unexpected on the road. About a third of all accident deaths are caused by drunk drivers.
  5. The most recurrent distraction of drivers is the use of the cell phone while driving. To divert your eyes from the road and focus your attention on the phone screen is to put your life on the line.
  6. I have left for the last very important advice since it is what we need when any of the above fails. We must have good driving insurance. Not content with the one that provides the mandatory minimum coverage, but looks for the one that can better protect our finances. Six tips to keep you from ruining your life while driving.

To that end, contact an insurance specialist at Univista Insurance, who will assist you in making a decision that may be key if you are unfortunately involved in a car accident. A fact that can trigger different consequences, from the basic assistance of a tow truck to the payment of medical consultations, funeral services, civil liability before third parties, compensation, and the need for legal assistance.

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