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Some advice before buying your first boat

Some advice before buying your first boat. A few weeks ago in Miami, the Miami International Boat Show was successfully held. There is no doubt that many of the visitors to the event, after seeing so many floating jewels and getting up close to the idyllic Miami lifestyle, have gotten the bug to buy a boat.
The most enthusiastic have taken to the calculator to see if it pays them to buy a new or used boat. Although, the general recommendation is that any beginner while gaining experience, begins to crew used boats.
Before taking the final step and opening the portfolio, a potential buyer should become more familiar with the care and maintenance that a boat needs, no matter how small.
A good option is to take maritime safety courses -boating safety- to understand more about the world you intend to enter. It doesn’t hurt to rent a boat for several weekends, talk to people who sail regularly, and thus get closer to this lifestyle.
On the other hand, you need to set a budget to see how much you are willing to spend on this expensive hobby. In this account, you should include maintenance expenses, mooring fees, boat registration, and insurance. oh! If you plan to tow the boat, then add a vehicle, powerful enough, to tow it from the marina to the house.
When someone buys such an expensive toy, they should not overlook insurance. Therefore, before finalizing the budget, it is convenient to speak with a specialized boat insurance agent from Univista Insurance so that he can explain what an insurance policy that meets your needs includes and how much it could cost. Some advice before buying your first boat.
Sailing with the family is a precious dream, the right insurance guarantees that any inconvenience during the voyage is only part of that precious adventure and not the beginning of a financial nightmare.

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