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Something that every company that aspires to be great must do

Harland D Sanders is said to have started his world-famous business in 1939, when he was 49 years old. Most likely, this name does not ring a bell. But if I tell you that it is the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, KCF, the most famous fried chicken restaurants on earth, then an Ah !! will come out of your mouth.

Yes, this man, also known as Colonel Sanders, when seeing the success of his recipe for crispy chickens where he used eleven secret ingredients, decided to create a chain of premises. Within ten years of opening its first franchise, it had 600 restaurants across the country that produced a profit of around $ 300,000 a year.

Colonel Sanders’ company grew so large that it became increasingly difficult to control. Therefore, he decided to sell it to an investment group for $ 2 million and a lifetime salary of $ 40,000 annually. He did a round business, since from that moment he dedicated himself to living off the fruits of his idea without getting involved in the risks of running a business. And his image of an older gentleman with a mustache, round glasses, and a bow tie has spread across more than 130 countries.

If you have a business today, you have no choice but to protect it so that it develops and becomes the great brand you dream of. Maybe then you can sell it to live carefree the rest of your life.

But in your strategy to take care of your brand, don’t forget to purchase commercial insurance that protects you from potential customer and worker demands. Remember that accidents, catastrophes, thefts and fires can cause irreparable damage and loss. For this reason, insurers have devised policy packages that are tailored to the activity and type of company that need it.

Call Univista Insurance and contract the insurance that best suits your company. Perhaps, in ten years, the image of your face will be in thousands of franchises around the world.

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