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I have a leak, do I put a bucket or call insurance?

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is that they don’t understand the insurance policy that protects them. Many see that the roof is damaged and that water begins to leak through there. So, instead of repairing, they wait for the leak to enlarge to give part to the insurance and for it to bear the costs of the repair.

This, in most cases, does not happen. Unless the leak has been caused by a tree fall or the impact of a blunt object during a storm, or is caused by an operator of a company that has accidentally made a mess on the deck.

If the leak is due to the natural deterioration of the roof, either because it is very old or due to lack of repair, the insurer will not cover it.

One of the responsibilities of the homeowner is to keep the roof in good condition and to replace it when it reaches its useful life, which can be 20 or 25 years. It is very rare for an insurer to assume the change of a ceiling that is close to the useful life.

It is advisable to inspect it regularly to certify its condition. It is key for anyone who is going to buy a house to know in advance the conditions of the roof of the house and the time left for its replacement, a factor that can influence the price of the house.

I said, if you have a leak, repair it by yourself and ask for the invoice so that you can confirm that you have done the maintenance required on the roof of your home.

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