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Tesla revolutionizes the world of auto insurance

Tesla revolutionizes the world of auto insurance. Vehicle manufacturer Tesla is offering auto insurance in Texas that calculates the customer’s premium payment using their real-time behavior. The novelty of this coverage is that the insurer does not care about the credit, the age, the history of the insured driver, or the insurance claims.
To do this, the Tesla insurer has created a system, associated with the Beta version, its latest version of autonomous driving, Full Self Driving Beta (FSD Beta), which assesses the insured’s driving and rewards or disqualifies them with points. For example, every attempted accident, every forced disconnection of the autopilot will affect the score. If the Tesla driver, while driving, does not keep the required distance between vehicles, brakes too hard, or turns aggressively, it can affect him.
The other novelty of the system is that the monthly premium will vary each month depending on how the owner of the vehicle has maneuvered. It could be higher or lower than the premiums charged by a traditional insurer.
According to Tesla, an average driver could save 20% to 40% on their premium. And those with more secure scores would save even up to 60%.
Everything indicates that this type of contract would suit those truly exemplary drivers. Critics of this new form of insurance say it could affect even “good drivers” as many times, we are running late and speeding down an empty road. However, if you have contracted the new Tesla insurance, this acceleration will be registered and would automatically raise the price of the premium. On the other hand, it has not been explained if such insurance in the future will be required by the manufacturer for all its vehicles.
There is no doubt that the world of auto insurance is being revolutionized and new technologies are increasingly present. Tesla revolutionizes the world of auto insurance.
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