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Carrier is responsible for the merchandise

The carrier is solely responsible for the merchandise transported. When a trucker signs the Bill of Landing, he assumes full responsibility for the merchandise he is transporting, until it reaches its destination. If something happens to his load, due to an accident or any other fact, the carrier, in addition to having to bear the costs of repairing his truck, must pay for the loss of the products he transports. “A real wreck.”
To prevent a trucker from having to assume so much risk every time he goes to work, there is an insurance called Motor Truck Cargo Insurance that covers the merchandise in the event of an accident, fire, or theft.
For example, if the truck driver is involved in an accident in which the cargo spills on the road, this insurance covers the cost of collecting the merchandise, cleaning the road, and the charges for transporting the merchandise that is incurred. recover.
However, an angry customer may choose to sue the carrier who has lost thousands or perhaps millions of dollars. Well, the Motor Truck Cargo Insurance policy covers the legal representation of the driver.
But this policy also covers breakdowns that your vehicle may suffer during cargo transport. Imagine you’re carrying onions or asparagus – a load that needs to be refrigerated – and your truck’s refrigeration shuts off on the highway. The sun’s rays will turn your truck into a sauna, where everything you carry will spoil. How awful! Fortunately, cargo insurance will also cover you for losses related to such a breakdown.
Remember, before signing the shipping documents, Bill of Landing, make sure your cargo is insured. The carrier is solely responsible for the merchandise transported.
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