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The danger of being an aggressive driver

The danger of being an aggressive driver. In the movie The Mask, when a character wore that mask with supernatural powers, they transformed into an aggressive, arrogant, and overwhelming person. Something similar happens to many people, who when sitting behind the wheel of their car, their other self comes out.
Out there you see them with green faces and they do not allow anyone to overtake them when driving, they honk the horn all the time, they do not respect traffic signs or any laws that limit them. They feel almighty when they put their foot down on the gas.
Perhaps the vehicles are made with the same supernatural elements of the mask and therefore we do not notice the effect they have on our personality. The ones that do know this are the insurance companies, which classify us into three types of drivers: low-risk, standard and high-risk drivers.
The low-risk driver is preferred by insurance companies. He is the one over the age of 25 whose record has no accidents or fines. He is not known for any violation of the law. To top it all, he has great financial credit and has never made an insurance claim. All insurers cry for having such a customer. To attract them, they offer discounts and some other benefits.
The standard driver isn’t the worst, but he’s not the best on the road, either. It may be that he has been involved in an accident “but it was not my fault”, he has an average bank credit and, from Easter to bouquets, for some mistake, he falls a fine. If you scratch a little bit, in the past, you’ve had an insurance cancellation for non-payment.
The average driver pays average insurance, however, I could choose to look for discounts among the different insurers in the market.
In contrast, high-risk drivers pay the most for insurance. Companies avoid them, consider them a loose hazard on the road. They have suffered more than one big accident, have low financial credit, and are showered with fines.
Unfortunately, this category includes drivers under the age of 25 and people who have the minimum coverage necessary to drive. The danger of being an aggressive driver.
Well, you know, driving well, in addition to protecting your life and that of others, in the long run, comes out cheaper. When you sit behind the wheel again, control your other self, drive like a civilized person, remember that you are not that character played by Jim Carrey and your car is not The Mask.
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