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The dangers of riding with a low air tire

The dangers of riding with a low air tire. Who hasn’t woken up one morning with just enough time to get to work early and when he’s going to drive his car, he notices that one of the tires is somewhat deflated. But there is no time to lose, less “for nonsense” that can be solved at any other time. Most drivers choose to continue with the routine of the day.
However, many car owners are unaware of the dangers of driving with a flat tire. Some studies indicate that in 75% of accidents caused by tire failure, the main cause is low tire pressure.
Driving with a low-inflated tire can overheat the tread, cause tire explosions and damage all its mechanisms and systems. A wheel that is used in these conditions can damage the suspension of the vehicle or cause the shock absorbers to burst, since the efforts that the tire should receive are suffered by the damping. Even the specialized magazine Car and Driver affirms that punctures in tires occur more frequently when they are low in pressure. Among other reasons because, when rolling deflated, they have a greater contact area with the ground.
On the other hand, driving a car with a low air tire makes it difficult to control it in evasive maneuvers to avoid an accident on the road. In addition, it increases rolling resistance and consequently has an impact on higher fuel consumption.
In short, when your vehicle lights up that indicator that warns that one of your tires is somewhat underinflated, go to a gas station as soon as possible and inflate it with the proper pressure. As you can see, this is not a trivial warning, it is about safety and savings.
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