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The most active hurricane season in 30 years begins

The most active hurricane season in 30 years begins. According to researchers at Colorado State University, the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season is set to be one of the most intense in recent history. They predict that hurricane activity will be about 170% of an average season from 1991 to 2020, posing a significant threat to homeowners in Florida.
To put this into perspective for Florida residents, consider that the 2023 hurricane season was 120% more active than an average season. The devastation caused by Hurricane Idalia alone, which resulted in $3.6 billion in property damage and eight direct deaths, underscores the severity of the threat. Flooding was the primary cause of property damage.
Florida is geographically vulnerable to flood damage due to its extensive coastline, low elevation, and high water table. This makes flood insurance an essential safeguard for homeowners against the threats posed by hurricanes and tropical storms.
Alarmingly, about 25% of flood insurance claims come from moderate to low-risk areas. This highlights that you don’t need to live in a high-risk zone to experience flooding and suffer significant losses. In Florida, only 13% of the 11 million homes are insured against floods, leaving 8 out of 10 homes vulnerable.
Lack of flood insurance can have devastating consequences. Without this coverage, homeowners must bear the repair costs out of pocket, which can lead to financial ruin.
Don’t wait for disaster to strike. Being prepared is crucial. This year, the hurricane season starts on Saturday, June 1, and ends on Saturday, November 30. Protect your home and your future—consider flood insurance today. The most active hurricane season in 30 years begins.

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