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The new Obamacare has more coverage

The new Obamacare has more coverage. The Obamacare special enrollment period has been extended until August 15, under the new federal law American Rescue Plan, signed in March of this year, with the aim of helping those affected by COVID-19. Among many other benefits, the new law has extended premium subsidies for low-income individuals, as well as for high-income individuals who were ineligible in the 2020 enrollment period.
Individuals and families who enter from 100% to 400% of the federal poverty level will be able to benefit from obtaining a subsidized health insurance plan.
That is, if a person lives alone and earns between $ 12,800 and $ 51,200, they will be entitled to a government-subsidized health insurance plan. Similarly, if you and your partner earn less than $ 106,000 a year and have two children, you can benefit from Obamacare medical plans.
Under the new law, those who are collecting unemployment benefits can also benefit.
Something very important, if you enrolled in Obamacare between November and December 2020, before the new law, you should talk to your insurance agent because the conditions of your policy may have improved, perhaps you can have a policy with monthly payment zero or zero deductible. The new Obamacare has more coverage.
In conclusion, do not miss the opportunity, call Univista Insurance and find out how you can benefit from the new conditions of Obamacare, under the American Rescue Plan law.

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