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The numbers speak for themselves, protect your home

The numbers speak for themselves, protect your home. Many property owners sometimes think about stopping paying for home insurance and “spending that money on something more useful.” Especially in a period of economic crisis.

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Florida pays an average of $ 1,918 a year in homeowner’s insurance. An important fact to understand why it is necessary to have the largest of our investments insured.

Five percent of US insured properties claim insurance for damage. On average, these clients receive about $ 12,322 in compensation, according to an analysis by the Insurance Information Institute.

That same study, which analyzed the behavior of insured clients for four years, concluded that, although fire claims are only 0.28% of the claims, these clients receive an average of $ 68,322 dollars in compensation.

Another significant facet of the analysis is that, despite the fact that a large number of accidents occur in the home, only 0.08% of the claims are for bodily injuries occurring in the domestic environment. For this concept, insurers in this country pay an average of $ 26,085 per claim.

A sign of the importance of having this protection is that, although home insurance is not compulsory, the study reflects that 95% of US homeowners have insured the houses they inhabit and makes it clear that only 63% of The houses of the country are occupied by their owners. The numbers speak for themselves, protect your home.

Apparently, in this case, it is true that the majority can not be wrong, call Univista and insure your home.

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