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The rainy season kicks off in Florida

The rainy season kicks off in Florida. There are only two climatic seasons in the tropics: dry and rainy. In Florida, the onset of rainfall varies slightly from year to year and depends on climatological influences. Under the impact of the phenomenon known as La Niña, the wet weather begins in the southern part of the peninsula by mid-May, in the central region a week later, and in the northern part of the state by early June. To illustrate it better, rains start in Miami around May 15th, Tampa on May 25th, and Tallahassee on June 1st, continuing until October.
Meteorologists indicate that storms forming between May and June are often more severe than those developing in the later summer months. These typically bring strong winds, hail, lightning, waterspouts, and flooding.
As is logical, intense and prolonged rainfall often leads to flooding by saturating the soil and reducing its absorption capacity. Moreover, even if the soils are not saturated, they cannot absorb the volumes of water that fall during the frequent torrential rains at this time, resulting in damaging flash floods.
With this outlook, it’s easy to understand the need for flood insurance in Florida. Every homeowner in the state should ask not “Will a flood happen?” but “How do I prepare for when it happens?”
Unfortunately, without knowing the magnitude of a flood or the damage it will cause, the best protection is to have flood insurance covering the damage caused by water entering our most significant investment.
One crucial point to note is that most flood insurance policies have a 30-day waiting period. This means that the policy you buy today will start protecting you after those 30 days. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance not to delay and to call Univista Insurance now to get the insurance you need. Taking immediate action can help protect your home from potential flood damage. The rainy season kicks off in Florida.

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