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The tree of discord is not always an apple tree

Roberto is a “handyman”, he wants to fix everything on his own. In his house there is nothing that deteriorates that Roberto does not repair with his hands. He fixed part of the ceiling, painted the entire house, put flooring in the kitchen. Roberto can handle everything.

Last year, Roberto bet that he could cut a tree that threw a lot of bugs on his house. But I wanted to do it the traditional way, with an ax. And, indeed, one Saturday he began to ax like a lumberjack. But the tree was harder than Roberto imagined. Although he continued his endeavor for a few hours, he made very little progress in his task.

Finally, he had no choice but to give up, defeated by the tree that throws bugs at the roof of his house.

A week ago a torrential rain fell and a strong wind blew that knocked Roberto’s tree off the roof of his neighbor’s house. The neighbor, very upset, sued him immediately.

Roberto, who solves everything, went to the company where he has homeowners insurance, asking for protection. However, the insurance refused to cover him, stating that in the claim it is said that a year ago he was trying to cut the tree and that negligence is the cause of the fall.

Roberto will have no choice but to finance the repair of the neighbor’s roof and repair the fence that adjoins the two houses.

When someone wants to fix your house, change a structure or cut a tree, it is important to talk to your insurance and follow all their recommendations to the letter. That’s what you pay him for. Otherwise, it can happen to you like Roberto, who has removed the bugs from the ceiling, but at what price.

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