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This is what you need to navigate safely

This is what you need to navigate safely. Florida, with thousands of miles of coastline and a large number of waterways, is one of the most popular states for recreational boating in the United States. It’s common for most boats we see in driveways and garages to be launched on weekends. In Miami, one established ritual is to boat to Haulover Sandbar, in the north of Biscayne Bay, where a big boat party is organized that turns into a massive sun-soaked discotheque.
However, boating, in addition to being fun, can also be dangerous and costly if you don’t have the proper insurance. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, a total of 836 boating accidents occurred in 2020, resulting in 79 fatalities and 493 injuries. The most common accidents are boat collisions, groundings, fires, explosions, and falling overboard.
Therefore, in addition to being cautious and responsible while boating, it’s important to have boat insurance that includes liability coverage to cover damages and injuries caused to third parties, damage to other boats, docks, and structures. Liability coverage also protects the boat owner against possible lawsuits, including legal fees related to a specific incident.
Of course, there are no insurances that cover negligence committed by the boat owner or operator. For example, if they were drunk at the time of an accident or if they violate navigation laws.
A boat can be insured against various risks such as sinking, fire, theft, storm, collision, capsizing, explosion, and grounding. To do this, it’s necessary to call a Univista Insurance agent to advise on the coverage that best suits your needs and budget. This is what you need to navigate safely.

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