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Three key steps after a car accident

Three key steps after a car accident. Some 200,000 car accidents occur in Florida annually. According to these statistics, it is very likely that throughout his life he will be involved in a mishap on the road. The question that should arise is what are the steps that he should take after the accident?
Legally, you can make an insurance claim without the need for a police report as long as it is a minor accident. That is if it is a small collision with another car, where no one is injured, and there is no significant material damage. However, the police report can be useful to you.

  1. Report the accident
    If the damages from the accident exceed $ 500 or someone is killed or injured, if you detect that the other driver is under the influence of alcohol or if the cars are left in such a state that a tow truck is required to move them, the law requires you to call 911, indicate where you are, and explain if they need medical assistance. Make the police report.
  2. Collect information
    In such circumstances, try to write down the license plates of the cars involved and if you can take some pictures of the accident. Do not quarrel with the other person, try to be supportive, offer them the help they need, and exchange personal information: name, address, and, most importantly, insurance data.
  3. Contact your insurer
    The next step is to contact your insurance company. If you have any questions about the benefits of coverage, it is good to call from the scene of the accident itself. Do not forget that to obtain the benefits of the coverage of your policy, you must give the part within a reasonable time -established in your contract-, otherwise, the company could deny you coverage.

An extra tip, if the accident is very small, there were no injuries and the amount of your car repair is equal to or less than your policy deductible, you may not be interested in making an insurance claim. In these circumstances, you will end up paying the entire deductible, and most likely, after the part to the insurer, your monthly premium will increase. Three key steps after a car accident.

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