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Three main causes of home fire

Three main causes of a home fire. Without eating you cannot live. Unless you practice raw food or are raw vegan, you should cook your food at least once a day. It is around the kitchen that 40% of household fires occur. A skillet with oil or a pot with food that you forget is the most common cause of this type of accident.

Being romantic has its price. How many times have we placed candles to impress our partner … soft music, a romantic meal, and then … the smell of smoke takes us out from under the covers. According to the National Fire Protection Association, 2% of home fires are caused by candles and cause 3% of deaths and 6% of injuries. In four years, the US Fire Department responded to 7,900 candle fire-related house fire emergencies.

Another major cause of fire in homes is washers and dryers. In 2010 alone, 16,600 fires related to these household appliances were reported.

It stands to reason that no one wants to set their own house on fire. These claims are fortuitous events that many times we cannot control. As long as a cheaper way of eating is not invented, we will have to continue cooking. It is not an option to stop being romantic and avoid dancing by candlelight. On the other hand, washing our clothes is almost a sanitary obligation.

In case something fails to carry out these routine actions and an accident occurs, the most preventive thing is to have home insurance. This usually contains a fire policy. Thus, if our home catches fire and this accident causes damage to third parties, said insurance would cover the costs of both civil liability and the reconstruction of the house.

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