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Three typical mistakes when loading a freight truck

Three typical mistakes when loading a freight truck. One of the fundamental factors in road transportation is time. It determines whether you choose one carrier over another or even one method of transportation over another – train, plane, ship, or truck. That is why carriers are so meticulous about the time they handle and transport goods.
Due to time being a critical factor, many carriers, under pressure to operate quickly, make mistakes when loading their trucks.
Here are the main errors when loading a freight truck:

  1. Poor load balancing:
    If the load is off-center or unbalanced, it will affect how you drive the truck. Around 60% of the load should be placed on the front axle to prevent the wheels from misaligning and damaging the tires.
    Additionally, if you place too little weight on the steering axle, you may encounter problems when turning, and if you put too much weight on the drive axle, it can cause traction issues and affect the vehicle’s movement, ultimately making it slower.
  2. Placing the center of gravity too high:
    Stacking the load too high can lead to tipping over when attempting to turn. In such a state, if you need to swerve to avoid a vehicle or a sudden obstacle on the road, your truck may overturn.
  3. Overloading the truck:
    Overloading the truck is not advantageous. Some truckers allow it, thinking only of the supposed financial benefit. However, this decision can result in brake failures, and you may not be able to stop the vehicle on an incline or suddenly when encountering an obstacle. All of this is exacerbated when there is rain or snow. The truck should be loaded with the appropriate weight.

Remember, no matter how much of a hurry you are in, it is preferable to have your truck loaded properly, balanced, without overloading, and considering the center of gravity, so you can arrive on time at your destination with the goods and the vehicle ready for another load. The time you spend ensuring the load is correct is time you will save in reaching your destination.
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