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Tips for Driving in the Rain Safely

Tips for Driving in the Rain Safely. The month of May is here and with it, the rains will remain with us until the end of September. Driving on wet ground is always a challenge, especially for inexperienced drivers. It is no secret that rain is the cause of many accidents. So we’re going to give you a few tips that, when put into practice, will allow you to drive safely in the rain.
When you start driving, the first thing to do is increase your safe distance from the vehicles around you. Keep in mind that on a wet road your car needs more distance to stop.
It is key that you slow down. The rain reduces the visibility of the driver and therefore also reduces the speed of reaction to unforeseen events on the road.
When it rains a golden rule is to avoid hard braking. It’s best to take your foot off the gas and let the car slow down or downshift before braking.
They mark them on the roads or the drawing of the zebra crossings, when they get wet they are very slippery. You should avoid rolling on them or braking because the vehicle may slide.
Another trick is to follow the tracks of the car in front of you. It is a way to benefit from going through the driest part of the road.
Avoid what is known as aquaplaning. It is the phenomenon that occurs when we pass at high speed over a bag of water accumulated on the road. The wheels of the car do not grip the road and slide on the water, causing a lot of instability in the vehicle.
It is important in the rainy season to check the windshield wipers and check if the tires maintain their patterns and are not very worn. Tips for Driving in the Rain Safely.
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