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Tips for protecting your eyes during the summer

Tips for protecting your eyes during the summer. We all eagerly await the summer vacation to head to the beach, spend long hours by the pool, go camping, hike mountains, relax at home binge-watching movies on Netflix, or simply play unrestricted on the Play Station.
While we imagine a wide range of events to keep ourselves entertained, ophthalmologists see the effects of the sun, chlorine, eye injuries, and overexposure to screen radiation. Indeed, many vision-related problems tend to emerge during the summer.
If you are one of those who prefer to bask in the pool, at the beach, or on the deck of a boat during the summer period, doctors recommend using sunglasses with ultraviolet filters to protect your eyes.
For movie lovers who prefer indulging in films and TV series, specialists advise taking some rest breaks and pausing the screen time. Engaging in eye exercises, such as focusing attention on a distant object, consciously and repeatedly blinking, can be beneficial.
Those who enjoy engaging in risky sports, climbing, mountain biking, or riding long distances on motorcycles, must not forget to protect their eyes with appropriate eyewear.
Of course, after the summer and before getting back to the routine, it is the best time to have an eye check-up, especially for children starting classes and individuals over 40 years of age.
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