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Tips to avoid a fire in your business

Tips to avoid a fire in your business. Have you ever dreamed that your business is on fire and that everything you have built with so much sacrifice is reduced to ashes? The best part of this dream is when you wake up and understand that it was a nightmare, that the lives of your employees are not in danger, nor are the teams and the work of so many years gone. But dreams happen because our brain wants to convey something to us that we have overlooked. The question that occurs to me is: Is your business a safe place against fire?
To do this, the first thing you should do is install fire control and extinguishing systems, such as smoke detectors, water irrigators, and fire extinguishers.
The second step is to create an emergency plan with evacuation routes to use in the event of a fire. Staff should practice at least once a year.
It is advisable to inspect the electrical system, all equipment, switches, wiring, and outlets, to make sure they comply with the safety codes required for the type of business you develop.
If you need to store flammable or combustible material, you have to comply with the security measures created for this purpose and separate it from the main building. Flammable material cannot be stored in boiler rooms or where machines are running. The warehouse must be ventilated, cold, and dry, with “no smoking” signs at all its entrances, and the personnel who handle said fuel must have adequate training.
Keeping workspaces clean and organized is key to preventing a fire. This includes garbage and refuses collection.
It is essential that you keep the emergency exits of the business clear and marked with luminous signs that work with independent batteries, as well as prevent the fire stairs from being obstructed with furniture, disused equipment, or bicycles.
Finally, if your business occupies an entire building, make sure that the access to the hydrants or fire hydrants used by firefighters are not blocked. Make sure to leave enough space for emergency personnel to access in the event of a fire. Tips to avoid a fire in your business.
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