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Tips to prevent cargo theft from your truck

Tips to prevent cargo theft from your truck. Cargo thefts surged by 57% in the second quarter of 2023, as reported by CargoNet, the agency tasked with investigating these crimes. During that period, thieves made off with $44 million worth of goods, averaging about $260,000 per heist.
Thieves often keep it simple; they target high-traffic routes and look for unattended cargo. Sometimes, they take the entire truck, while others go for just the trailer.
If you’re a truck owner/operator, invest in quality locks and robust security systems like air brake locks to keep your cargo out of the wrong hands. Conduct routine inspections of distributor seals during your journey to ensure they remain intact and unaltered.
Always aim to park in well-lit, secure areas like rest stops equipped with surveillance cameras and security personnel. You should conduct thorough background checks when hiring, as sometimes the thief may be among your employees.
Limit the number of people privy to your cargo route, destination, and recipient details. Avoid stopping at known “hot spots” where thefts occur frequently.
Stay vigilant as thieves become more sophisticated, often using identity theft to hijack cargo. CargoNet warns of a typical operation known as fictitious pickups, where thieves, using false identities, subcontract a legitimate trucker (which could be you) and divert the cargo to another address during the route.
Brokers and shipping companies can prevent these thefts by verifying each shipment against the contact information registered with the FMCSA.
Last but not least, protect your merchandise with comprehensive cargo insurance. Remember that in most cases, covered losses require the insured to pay a deductible.
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