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Tips to prevent your boat from running aground

Tips to prevent your boat from running aground. The great dangers when sailing are not floating but being submerged under water. For this reason, some inexperienced or careless crew members run aground in shallow water.
How to avoid running aground?
The first thing is to check the tide and know when it is going to change and with that information create the itinerary. Then try to navigate away from rocks and sandbanks.
Always keep a proper lookout. Do not be guided only by the buoys and markers that indicate the existence of shallow water and channels, but trust your observation. If the water is very brown, it may be shallow. If it’s blue-green everything should be fine.
Cruise at a speed that allows you to maneuver in case you detect any danger underwater.
It is crucial to incorporate a GPS in your boat to help you safely reach your destination. Even if you want to save money, there are a number of mobile phone navigation apps that will come in handy. The nautical charts appear in them, with the depths of the different areas and indicate how to navigate without mishaps.
In addition, you can know the weather at the destination, the direction of the current, the tides, the duration of the itinerary, and the dangers on the way.
However, remember that boaters should see the routes they follow with their own eyes and never overlook having their boat insurance up to date. If your boat does run aground, despite these precautions, your insurer will help pay for repairs and environmental damage. Tips to prevent your boat from running aground.

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