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Transcend: the meaning of your life can be found in the letter of a policy

Someone said: buying insurance is buying today the solution to a future problem. So we do it. The human being has always wanted to control the uncertainty of tomorrow.

Although insurance is not an exact science, companies that sell that future solution work with odds. If you buy flood insurance in Florida, you are buying the solution to a problem that may occur this year, next year or never. For this reason, insurers analyze the probability of a flood occurring, study the different risk factors, take into account the insured amount and thus calculate the premium to be paid.

The same goes for auto insurance. Insurers take into account multiple variables related to the vehicle (make, model, year of manufacture, price), the driver (age, sex, age driving, marital status, number of children, school level) and driving (areas of circulation, vehicle use, distances traveled). With all these data, a statistical analysis is made to establish the appropriate rate.

The funny thing is that, after all this rigorous statistical analysis process, the accident, the accident or the flood may or may not happen to you. Insurers will know almost how many millimeters they will claim, but it will be practically impossible for them to predict who they will be. Because, although it may seem strange, a person can live her whole life without experiencing any type of accident.

What nobody can evade is death. Absolutely we are all going to die. We don’t know when it will happen, but we are absolutely certain that it will happen one day.

So, if with good judgment we acquire insurance to solve problems that may or may not occur to us, why not purchase insurance that covers the only future event that will inevitably occur and also, with this step, benefit our family?

The logic is irrefutable, call Univista Insurance and inquire about the different life insurances that exist. You will see that, for less than you think, you can leave your family an inheritance that is minimally sufficient to pay your mortgage and your children’s studies.

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