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We come into the world to transcend

We come into the world to transcend. Upon discovering that our life has a limit, many wonder what is the meaning of existence? Why come to the world? Perhaps the answer is that this limit, known as death, does not mark the starting point. Since, in some way, we came to stay, as our life is an inseparable part of human existence. We are agents of the evolution of our species. In other words, we live to transcend, achieving the most genuine transcendence, through the lives of our children and grandchildren or through the work we do to guarantee a better existence for our fellow human beings. In the same way that in us the life of our parents and ancestors continues.
The meaning of life could be to seek that our children’s experience exceeds ours. Not only from a genetic or evolutionary point of view, but from a financial point of view. Precisely, the latter is what guarantees life insurance. Above all, to those people who have not managed to have large financial assets, or succulent bank accounts, despite having worked very hard. However, with life insurance, you can still leave your children a large tax-free “inheritance” in the form of a death benefit.
This “inheritance” could exceed $500,000 and best of all, it can be achieved without large outlays. It just takes planning and perseverance.
As you read it, with life insurance, you would guarantee that your loved ones can fulfill their dreams, even if you are missing them. By signing a policy, you will be able to build that financial inheritance you never had. We come into the world to transcend.
To learn the details of this form of transcendence through life insurance, contact Univista Insurance advisors and they will help you discover an incredible edge of meaning to your existence.

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