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Consequences of driving without insurance?

What are the consequences of driving without insurance in Florida? Alberto was having a very bad time financially and looked for all the ways to cut his expenses. He suspended cable television payments, canceled all newspaper and gym subscriptions, and stopped paying his second car insurance. “Overall, we only use that car very little and it will not happen that the day I use it the police stop me. I’ve been driving for 10 years and I’ve never had any problems ”. Tight financial measures would save him about $ 600 a month. “Which is $ 7,200 a year. Everything is mathematics, ”he insisted.
Last Sunday he called me because he needed a big favor from me. “I need you to take me, I have to make a puncture that I cannot leave the client alone.” On the way, he told me that two months before, his wife was on a trip with the car they frequently use, and then Alberto took his spare car and left in the direction of Hialeah. He had not been driving for 10 minutes when blue and red lights flashed behind him, signaling him to stop.
The agent gave him a fine for driving without insurance and the worst thing is that his license was suspended for three months. Alberto, who depends on his car to earn a living, has seen his income diminish due to the sanction imposed by the judge.
What surprised him the most was that, in talking with his insurance agent, he learned that there were multiple options to keep the second insured vehicle, paying much less for the policy. “That’s how mathematics is, without having to risk it. All that I saved, I have stopped earning due to not having mobility ”.
According to the Insurance Information Institute, 26.7% of Florida drivers drive without auto insurance. The first time the authorities detect someone driving without insurance, they can impose a fine of $ 150 and a suspension of the license for up to three years. A very high risk to take into account, before you stop buying the mandatory auto policy from him. What are the consequences of driving without insurance in Florida?
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