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What Christmas gift to choose?

What Christmas gift to choose? We’re in that time when we often wonder what to gift our family for Christmas. The hardest part is always finding that perfect gift that satisfies the recipient’s taste and brings joy to the giver. We envision and put ourselves in the shoes of our loved ones so that the present is practical, surprising, helpful, and desirable.
Discussing the uncertainty of choosing the perfect gift, a friend said, ‘I don’t complicate things anymore. I place an envelope with 200 dollars in the tree, and they can buy whatever they want.’ That practical viewpoint got me thinking about an even better option—placing an envelope with 250,000 dollars under the tree.
Imagine 250,000 dollars at the foot of the Christmas tree. Dear reader, considering our times, you might think I’m joking, but you’d be mistaken. It’s possible to gift your spouse that sum and more by acquiring life insurance.
You should get life insurance and designate your spouse as the beneficiary. The first thing you’ll notice is that paying 30 or 40 dollars per month can get a death benefit of at least 250,000 dollars. A substantial amount to pay off the mortgage, educate your kids, or preserve the family business.
You might say, ‘Well, yes, but I have to die for that.’ That observation is only partially accurate. Many life insurance policies offer the option to withdraw cash while alive, pay off debts, repair your home, or cover your children’s education.
Moreover, if heaven forbid, you were to fall ill with a chronic or terminal disease like cancer, arthritis, Parkinson’s, or Alzheimer’s, you could also access death benefits.
In short, finding a more comprehensive gift for such a small amount of money is hard. It allows you to show love for your loved ones without neglecting your future and what might happen in your old age or retirement.
Please pick up the phone and call Univista Insurance to request this fantastic Christmas gift in time to place it under the tree. Merry Christmas! What Christmas gift to choose?

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