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What documents do the police ask drivers for?

What documents do the police ask drivers for? Florida has nearly eight million cars and 15.7 million licensed drivers. Due to these statistics, many people think driving in Florida is a right. An appreciation that is only partially correct; driving a vehicle in Florida is a privilege the State grants those meeting specific requirements, such as passing various exams that certify their ability to get behind the wheel safely.
Therefore, it’s not uncommon to see police officers on the State’s roads stopping vehicles to check if they have the required documentation by law.
If you are a new driver or about to get your driver’s license, you have probably wondered, “What documents should I show a police officer if they pull me over?”
Here are the three documents you need to present:

  • Driver’s License: This is the most important document and the first one they will ask for if you are driving a car. A valid driver’s license demonstrates that you can operate a specific vehicle.
  • Vehicle Registration: Second, always have your car’s registration or “Florida Vehicles Registration” in the glove compartment. This document certifies that the vehicle can travel on the State’s roads.
  • Proof of Car Insurance: The third document you must carry is proof of current car insurance or a “Florida Automobile Insurance Identification Card.” It’s a card sent by your insurer containing the policy number, insurance details, the insured car, and the policyholder’s name. This card shows that the vehicle meets the minimum coverage required by the State of Florida.

Remember, to avoid any misunderstanding that could jeopardize your driving privilege in Florida, always have your license, registration, and car insurance handy when you’re on the road.
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