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What does flood insurance not cover?

What does flood insurance not cover? No one who lives in Florida questions the importance of having flood insurance. It is known that floodwaters are the most common natural disaster in the United States and unfortunately, they can happen not only in areas marked by FEMA as high risk but in any other place, as a result of a storm, a burst pipe, or the overflow of a large reservoir.
Due to its impact, it is important to know what flood insurance does and does not cover. So when claiming, to be able to act accordingly.
Broadly speaking, flood insurance covers the structures and systems of the house and the belongings of the insured. The latter makes many people think that the car is also included. However, it is not so.
We are sorry to tell you that if you have flood insurance, your house is flooded and your car is in the garage, that vehicle is not covered by flood insurance.
Surprisingly, belongings inside the vehicle are covered. Flood insurance generally also does not cover personal property that is in a basement or crawl space of the home at the time of the flood waters.
The walls of the house, the floor, the electrical system, the electrical appliances, the furniture, and all the belongings that are damaged as a result of the rising water are protected, but the exceptions that we already mentioned are not.
Knowing the limits of your policy allows you to take the correct measures and, for example, buy collision coverage for your car since it does cover the damage caused by a flood to your vehicle.
Don’t overlook that at Univista Insurance you can purchase the cheapest flood insurance in Florida. Do not waste time, think that the hurricane season has already begun. What does flood insurance not cover?

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