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What happens if my car is stolen?

What happens if my car is stolen? One of the possessions that we use the most on a daily basis is our car. The vehicle in the US becomes so personal and necessary that we usually determine the purchasing power and character of the owner by the type of car he drives.
But cars are one of the thieves’ most coveted possessions. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, in 2020 alone, 873,080 car thefts occurred in the US. That is, 2,392 cars were stolen daily.
The above data should set off your alarm about the importance of having car insurance that includes comprehensive coverage, which is activated in the event that your vehicle is stolen.
Sometimes, the thieves, lacking the necessary expertise, after breaking the window abandon the purpose and flee. Although it is good news for the car owner, because he no longer has to mourn the loss of his brand new Toyota, it has been damaged.
It is also not a big problem if you have comprehensive coverage that will help you fix the damages caused by criminals.
And if the thief was not trying to steal the car, but the mobile phone or iPad that he forgot inside it, then he should go to his home insurance. Car insurance does not cover personal belongings that are removed from a vehicle. What happens if my car is stolen?
To protect your vehicle, be it a Chevrolet, Mercedes, or Ford, the best option is Univista Insurance.

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