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What happens to those who don’t die?

What happens to those who don’t die? There is nothing more beautiful than life itself. Enjoying it to the fullest is an order that we bring instilled from birth. Because “you never know when the ride is over”. Meanwhile, few people reflect on what would happen in their family environment if they suddenly died. “Lady, be strong, we bring you bad news: “Pepe has just died.” Can not be!!!”? And all our plans? How do I tell the children? My mother-in-law is dying of disgust.
But once the harsh reality is accepted, there is no choice but to put your feet on the ground and start acting. The first thing is that there is no money to pay for Pepe’s funeral. Maybe you have some savings and your mother-in-law and some friends collaborate with something. But at the beginning of the month, there’s still rent to pay, car loan, credit card debt, and you’ll have to go out and find work and put the kids in daycare. “Where do I begin? Poor Pepe worked himself to death and look. All for pleasure”.
“Pepe always said that this is a country of two. And now what do I do. Have you seen the food prices? Last week, Pepe had told me that we had to pay $3,000 in taxes. I won’t be able to continue paying for health insurance. And if my rent goes up, the three of us will have to go to my mother-in-law’s apartment. Why so much punishment, sir?
Certainly, bad news of this magnitude, in addition to the pain due to the loss of a loved one, can become the announcement of the true ordeal that the surviving relatives will go through.
One of the mysteries of life is that we do not know when we are going to die. And the Pelona can appear in any corner. Although not everything is in our hands, we can act so that our family does not find itself in a situation similar to that of poor Pepe. “Ma’am, sign here. You are the beneficiary of her husband’s $500,000 life insurance policy. I accompany you in your sentiment”.
“Armando was so good, he had it all planned. I saw that he always paid those hundred dollars and look at this! May God have him in glory.”  What happens to those who don’t die?
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