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What happens when we don’t see the divine sign?

What happens when we don’t see the divine sign? A very religious man opened a magazine and read on one of its pages: “The hurricane season begins, you must take all preventive measures to protect your home, check your homeowner’s insurance, check to have flood insurance, prune trees, fix the ceilings and windows. ”

The good boring man closed the magazine and thought: “The bombardment is beginning, the same as last year. Overall, it will be what God wants ”.

Another day, he was enjoying a basketball game on television when, suddenly, an ad came out: “We are in hurricane season, review your flood policies, prepare your home, create a contingency plan, buy water and flashlights”. The religious man sighed and exclaimed: “They continue with the same song. Overall, it will be what God wants ”.

On the third day, he was having dinner with his wife and young daughter and suddenly a weather report was heard from the radio. “The entire population is alerted, Category 3 hurricane Pepe will hit land at dawn. Areas near the coast must evacuate. ”

– “Nothing has ever happened here,” said this good man to his wife, who was very concerned. “That is scaremongering. Overall, it will be what God wants ”.

Torrential rain fell all night. The next morning, the father-in-law appeared driving a large off-road jeep and offered help.

– “You have to evacuate, this is going to flood” – said the father-in-law.

However, our good man objected and said that he was not going anywhere.

– “If you want to be calm, take your daughter, I will stay. Every year is the same. In the end, it will be what God decides, “he snapped.

The woman managed to escape with the girl. Our man stayed in the house and after a few hours, the rain increased, the wind became unbearable, preceded by a deafening noise, a large entrance of water began in the house, the walls began to sag. This good man drowned.

When our hero reached heaven, very angry, he asked for a meeting with God.

God asked him “what is it, my son, I see that you are upset?”

Our man argued:

“Father, why did you not save me? I was a good religious, I went to church every Sunday of my life, I prayed every morning, I had a beautiful family, I kept all your commandments. Why didn’t you warn me? ”He asked frustrated.

To which God replied:

“I sent you a magazine with instructions, I sent you a signal during the basketball game, I warned you that the hurricane was coming on the radio, I sent your father-in-law to save you. And the worst thing is that your house has been destroyed and you did not even have flood insurance. Your family will have a really hard time. ” What happens when we don’t see the divine sign?

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