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What is the waiting period for your dental insurance?

What is the waiting period for your dental insurance? Having dental insurance is of great benefit when it comes to paying the very expensive bills for orthodontist visits. The insured patient achieves great discounts on the different treatments.
If you have a tooth problem and you are thinking of taking out insurance to enjoy the benefits of the plan, you should read this carefully first.
Most dental insurances contemplate a waiting period (Waiting Period, in English) of three to five months. This means that from the moment the patient buys their insurance premium until the coverage is activated, the period of time that appears in the contract must elapse. If the patient during that period needs treatment, he will have to bear the costs at her expense.
However, the typical contract allows the patient to enjoy some benefits in basic treatments and preventive services during the Waiting Period, paying 80% of the cost.
Once the waiting period has elapsed, the patient will be able to fully benefit from the benefits stipulated in their contract. In many cases, they mean a cut of 50% of the bill.
With the implementation of the Waiting Period, insurers pursue three objectives.
The first, encourage the purchase of dental insurance and preventive treatments. The second is to prevent someone smart from purchasing dental insurance only when they know they have an illness and after receiving benefits, cancel it. The third objective is to keep prices under control. Because if there were many patients who only buy insurance when they have problems with their teeth, they would have to raise prices even more.
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