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What to do if I receive a letter from home insurance?

What to do if I receive a letter from home insurance? The newspapers are full of bad news about homeowners insurance. Every day an insurance company files for bankruptcy or leaves Florida. Those that remain defend themselves by raising policies to levels never seen before. In the end, those affected are the owners who live in great uncertainty, worried about the possibility of receiving that disturbing letter.
What to do in these conditions?
The first thing is to be alert and not to overlook any communication or letter you receive from your insurance company. Through a letter, they could tell you whether they will increase your premium or if your insurance has been canceled because the company has gone bankrupt. In either case, you must act without wasting time.
If you receive a communication indicating that your insurance is canceled, run and find insurance immediately. Remember that, if you are unprotected, and without coverage, your mortgage bank will impose compulsory insurance so that the house is covered for the time that you are without insurance. Unfortunately, the premium for this compulsory policy is three times or more than what you normally pay.
On the other hand, if your company tells you that it is going to increase your premium by 15 or 20%. Call and try to negotiate. Read your contract since there are some measures in your hands to try to lower the insurance. For example, you can increase your policy’s deductible as much as possible. Perhaps, when reviewing your policy, you may find that it has included some unnecessary or excessive coverage such as personal property. For some people whose personal property coverage reaches $100,000, it may not reflect the assets you have inside your home.
In short, the important thing is to be attentive and react as soon as possible to any communication you receive from your insurer. If you do not understand something related to your policy, contact Univista Insurance specialists who will gladly explain the steps to take to better protect your finances. What to do if I receive a letter from home insurance?

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