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What to do if your business is the target of vandalism?

The spirits are quite heated in the USA. Demonstrations take place in the main cities of the country. Thousands of people protest against George Floyd’s unjust death at the hands of the police. These legal marches are not always peaceful. There are unscrupulous people who take advantage of the pain of an entire nation and the legitimate right to demonstrate, protected by the Constitution, to incite and commit vandals against the businesses that are in their path.

We have seen the images of vandals who throw stones, break windows, enter businesses and rampage with all goods, steal, set fire, and have even gone so far as to kill people who have stood in their way, to defend their properties. .

2020 will be a year to forget. Businesses have suffered the blow of COVID-19 and, as if that were not enough, they are shaken by this wave of hatred against everything else.

No one can predict how long these protests will last. We are in electoral year and any excuse is taken to the extreme. As never before, it is necessary to have commercial insurance to protect the business. Especially when the standard package of commercial insurance seems tailored to the dark events that are happening as they cover companies against fire, theft and vandalism.

Therefore, do not entrench yourself or try to look after your business with a gun in hand. Insure it, account for everything in it, call Univista Insurance and inquire about the different possibilities you have to protect your company.

It would be a shame if you managed to survive the pandemic and an unscrupulous group of people put an end to your dream, your effort and your family’s finances.

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