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Why did the company cancel my home insurance?

Why did the company cancel my home insurance? One day like any other you receive a letter notifying you that your company will cancel your home insurance. Uff, what news, what to do now?
Well, all is not lost, you have time to find other insurance. But first, it would be good for you to know why the company has decided to cancel your policy.
An insurer cancels a contract for various reasons. The most recurrent is when a customer stops paying. If this is not the case, you may have discovered the fraud when purchasing insurance. For example, that the client has lied about her identity and has taken the insurance under the identity of another person.
You can also cancel the contract if the client radically changes the structure of the insured home. If the insurer believes that these changes make the home more unsafe. There are clients who build a swimming pool, without notifying the insurance company. And that may be the reason for the cancellation.
Another reason may be that the property remains uninhabited. Empty houses are more susceptible to theft. If the home is going to be vacant, most insurers require you to be notified within the first 30 days.
The last reason is that companies avoid customers who file a lot of claims over the course of a year. Why did the company cancel my home insurance?
If your home insurance policy has been canceled, don’t despair, call Univista Insurance and our advisors will help you protect your property, especially now that the hurricane season begins.

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