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Why is the dentist expensive?

Why is the dentist expensive? Most of us go to the dentist when there is no other choice. That is, after spending years without treating our mouths with a specialist, without doing a prophylactic cleaning or a check-up that allows us to tackle potential problems in time.
If we treat a cavity that hurts us with warm salt water and after that, we do not go to the dentist, that cavity will stop hurting us for some time, but it will enlarge and infect the root of the tooth and the surrounding teeth. When it hurts again and the suffering is unbearable, we will go to the dentist and he will have to remove our tooth, put an implant in the neighboring piece, do a root canal treatment and then put a pin and a crown. That long treatment is quite expensive. You just have to see the amount of work and materials that are used.
The cheap and reasonable thing would have been to have dental insurance that includes cleaning and annual check-up. In case you need any treatment, you would only pay 50 to 80% of its price.
An illustrative calculation, taking things to the extreme: we have 28 pieces in our mouths if you take care of your teeth as specialists recommend and visit your main dentist three times a year and he discovers 28 cavities -one in each piece- and each filling with your insurance would cost you $50, you would pay $1,400 to fix your entire mouth, less than the cost of a single implant.
When someone goes to the dentist without insurance, they usually pay for cleanings, checkups, and treatments at 100 percent of the price. And as we have already said, we generally visit the clinic when we can no longer bear the pain and the damage is enormous. It would not be unwise to say that our carelessness is what makes the dentist expensive. Why is the dentist expensive?
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