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I to be happy, I want a truck

“I want a truck to be happy,” says a classic Spanish pop from the 80s in its lyrics. And of course, many people choose the truck business “to be happy.”
However, it is not always easy for beginners to find the company that insures their truck for different reasons.
Many insurers, when choosing their clients, follow an unwritten rule in which they make insurance difficult for novice drivers. They discriminate against those who do not have two years of experience.
Insurance market analysts say that this happens since trucking companies must present to the federal and state governments proof of having sufficient coverage to protect both their trucks and their loads. In addition, they are required to have civil liability insurance that protects them against third-party claims, in the event of an accident whose fault lies with the trucker. All these ingredients make it very cumbersome for those just starting out in the trucking business to obtain a fairly cheap policy.
But the insurance market in the US is huge. There are multiple companies that are willing to insure your truck at a good price. Sure, if you do it on your own, it will take some time to find the right company.
However, there is a shorter way to get truck insurance in your own language and with the best options on the market. It is through Univista Insurance. Just call and the best specialists will find the insurance company that best suits your truck, no matter how long you have been on the road.
Leave everything in the hands of Univista and you dedicate yourself to sing at the top of your lungs: To be happy, I want a truck.

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