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Protect you for the rest of your life

A New Year’s resolution to protect you for the rest of your life. The arrival of the new year is the right time to undertake projects, put aside bad habits and take care of those matters to which we have not given the necessary importance. Even being young, at this time, it would be interesting to reflect on the importance of having life insurance.
The first reason to acquire it is economic. Taking out life insurance when you are young is much cheaper. The price of the premium will be maintained throughout the life of the insurance.
If you don’t have children yet, you may lack the motivation to have life insurance. However, life insurance, in addition to benefiting your loved ones, can protect you. Keep in mind that if you contract a chronic, critical or terminal illness, life insurance will be there to lend a hand. It will help you maintain the income you would have if you were working.
Should the worst happen, this insurance will cover what is known as final expenses. That is, everything related to the funeral home, wake, and burial. Money that your parents or loved ones will save.
On the other hand, the fact that you do not have children does not mean that you will not be a parent in the future. If you buy life insurance now, for $30 a month, those children who don’t exist yet could have a death benefit of at least $500,000.
Finally, among the good New Year’s resolutions, include calling Univista Insurance to hire your life insurance. A New Year’s resolution to protect you for the rest of your life.

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