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Advantages of having impact windows and doors

Advantages of having impact windows and doors. My Safe Florida Home is the name of the state program that subsidizes up to $10,000 to each owner who renews impact doors and windows, hurricane-proof garage doors, or the roof of the house.
The program offers $2 for every dollar a homeowner contributes to home improvements, and to participate in the program you must request an inspection through the website or call 866-513-6734.
Some homeowners don’t understand the benefits of having impact windows and doors. In a state like Florida where hurricanes are so frequent, having impact windows and doors is a matter of safety. These use a double glass technique, joined together by a very resistant and transparent layer of ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) or polyvinyl butyral (PVC). When the surface of this glass is impacted, it does not break. Produces the effect of a spider web that does not allow the passage of the projected object. In the event of a hurricane, it prevents the glass of the windows or the door from breaking and water or wind from penetrating through it and destroying the interior of the house.
Another of its benefits is that they protect property from intruders, and their metal frames resist robbery attempts. On the other hand, they allow light to enter and considerably reduce external noise. In addition, installing them is a factor that insurance companies take into account to lower the price of premiums.
If you have already changed the doors and windows of your house, call Univista Insurance and see what you will save on the payment of homeowner’s insurance. If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to participate in this program. Advantages of having impact windows and doors.

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