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Appropriate glasses to get your child moving

Appropriate glasses to get your child moving. One of the biggest concerns for parents is getting their kids involved in sports, especially when children are increasingly prone to staying seated behind a computer and engaging in online gaming. It’s been said throughout history: a healthy mind in a healthy body.
But if your child falls within the 25.3% of kids aged 2 to 17 who wear glasses or contact lenses, convincing them to participate in sports becomes more challenging. There’s always the fear that they might injure themselves while running, jumping, or swimming.
It’s not trivial; eye injuries rank among children’s leading causes of vision loss. Many occur during sports like baseball, softball, basketball, boxing, fencing, ice or field hockey, or mountain biking. All it takes is a hit to the eye to cause a corneal perforation.
However, this doesn’t mean these kids are doomed to a sedentary lifestyle. We often say, “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” And in this case, it couldn’t be more accurate. Ophthalmologists recommend children with vision problems who want to engage in action sportswear certified prescription sports goggles suitable for almost all sports.
The decision lies in the hands of parents; they need to visit their regular eye doctor and request a pair of sports goggles. We won’t sugarcoat it; they’re more expensive than regular glasses but could be much cheaper if you have vision insurance.
Contact Univista Insurance and look for an affordable vision insurance policy to protect your child’s eyes while they freely engage in their favorite sports. Appropriate glasses to get your child moving.

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