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“Be Aware of the Dog”: Three Amazing Dog Breeds to Protect Your Home

The dog gained the status of being man’s best friend through a relationship forged over thousands of years. With much work and cunning, the man managed to turn wild dogs into faithful protectors of his home.

Currently, 49% of American households have pets. According to the American Pet Products Association, about 90 million dogs live among us.

What many people are looking for even today, when they bring a dog home, is protection and fidelity. That is why they choose as pets those classified as guard dogs. Which by definition is that physically strong animal, capable of controlling a stranger who tries to inflict harm on the family that he protects.

They don’t have to be huge dogs like the Mastiff. There are some medium-sized breeds trained for that job. Among them is the muscular Staffordshire Bull Terrier, a close relative of the dreaded Pit Bull. This breed was originally used to hunt bears. In her native England, she is called a nanny dog for being playful with children and a faithful guardian.

Other homeowners prefer to have a Portuguese Water Dog, which because of its furry appearance does not look like a very fierce animal. Be careful, do not be fooled, below that fur, there is a very agile and strong dog that was originally used for fishing. They say that the fishermen threw it into the sea to lead the fish to their nets. The water dog is a lover of the house and does the impossible to keep it safe.

Another guardian breed is the Thai Ridgeback. This beautiful dog is a true athlete who requires constant training to stay healthy. Thai Ridgebacks tend to be very suspicious of strangers, an optimal feature against intruders seeking to break into your home.

As we see, a watchdog is usually a great asset in keeping the house safe. But do not forget that we live in society and your faithful friend could misinterpret the intention of a stranger and attack a postman, a delivery man or a simple friend who visits you.

Therefore, it is important to have home insurance since, among other coverages, it also provides protection against third-party claims. If your pet attacks the wrong person, you will be protected.

Call Univista Insurance, take out insurance, and post the sign on your doorstep that warns: “Be Aware of the Dog.” As my grandmother said, “war warned does not kill a soldier.”

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