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Workers’ compensation insurance is a must?

Business: Workers’ Compensation Insurance Is A Must. Ricardo & Sons is a moving company operating in South Florida. As his name indicates, it is a family business founded by a man named Ricardo and his two sons.
To protect himself, Ricardo & Son contracted all the necessary insurance that he considered necessary, such as Cargo Insurance, which insures the goods transported by the company; Commercial Auto, which covers company vehicles; Commercial General Liability, to protect itself from the lawsuits of third parties and Commercial Property, which insures the company office.
The business has always been great. Thanks to not lacking work, little by little, it has grown. Right now they have three trucks and seven employees, whom they treat like family.
However, they have not adapted their insurance package to the current situation of the company, overlooked obtaining a workers compensation policy.
Last month, one of the helpers ran into a tree while he was driving one of the company’s trucks. Thanks to the fact that he was assisted by 911 and operated on an emergency spine, he did not lose his life.
But a judge ordered the company’s work stoppage for violating Florida law that requires all companies with more than four employees to have workers’ compensation insurance to protect them from potential accidents.
Worker compensation, covers medical bills, therapy treatments, and the hospital stay of an injured worker. In the event that he dies due to the accident, he takes care of the funeral expenses and allocates up to $ 150,000 to benefit the surviving family. Business: Workers’ Compensation Insurance Is A Must.
Do not trust yourself, even if your business is small and familiar, seek the advice of the insurance specialists at Univista Insurance so that the same thing as Ricardo does not happen to him, who will have to pay thousands of dollars in medical bills and compensation, in addition to a fine that doubles the amount saved by failing to pay for the insurance required by law.

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