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Buy life insurance that saves you from ruin

Buy life insurance that saves you from ruin. When Armando bought the life insurance policy with living benefits, he did it more to help the agent, who was a friend of his, than for the supposed benefits that the contract would guarantee his family in the event of his death.
“Thank God, I am a healthy person. I bought this policy as a token of friendship and because you never know,” Armando said at the time he agreed to pay a $150-a-month premium that guaranteed his family a $350,000 death benefit.
Indeed, one never knows what can happen. At two years old, Armando felt a strong pain in his chest. He had no doubt it was a heart attack, which was repeated twice more, the first, during the ambulance transfer and the second, in the hospital emergency room. He spent two weeks in intensive care and four months recovering at his home.
Her friend, the insurance agent, upon learning of the event, approached Armando’s wife and explained that she could request part of the life insurance benefits due to her health condition.
After making the claim, Armando obtained a check for $65,000 that allowed him to continue paying his mortgage, and take care of his children and the daily expenses of his family during the months that he was not working at home.
That favor he did to his friend had been more than reverted to his own benefit.
Life insurance with living benefits allows the insured to request an advance of the death benefit in the event of a terminal, chronic or serious illness, such as the heart attack that Armando suffered.
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