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Can a fish drown in water?

Taking something for granted, denying that it can happen is a common mistake. We have predetermined concepts that lead us to distort reality. If someone asks, can a fish drown in water ?, the most common answer would be: “Of course not, a fish cannot drown.”

Logically, if fish live in water all their lives, it is because, after millions of years of evolution, they are designed to survive in this environment. Continuing with the same line of logical thinking, we assume that if the fish needs water, it should not drown in the environment that life provides. It would be the same to say that a human can drown on earth, outdoors Impossible!

That is a very logical assumption. The only nuance is that it is incorrect, because a fish can drown in the water.

Without going into details, there are many reasons that would lead to a fish being unable to extract enough oxygen from the water and drown. Although an answer is supported by logic, in practice it can only be a guess.

This assumption is trivial, but what happens when we assume important things? For example, if there is a chance that a ship could simply sink?

Surely, after the previous example you are ready to answer this question. If a fish can drown in water, surely a boat can also sink without further ado.

Indeed, according to the United States Coast Guard, nearly one in eight recreational vessel-related claims are the result of sinkings.

Although it seems ironic, a boat can sink only by the action of the rain. If enough rain falls, not only could the interior be flooded, but it would completely sink to the bottom of the ocean.

We are in the middle of the hurricane season and nature does not hide it. In the last days it has been raining without stopping.

It would be a mistake to assume that your ship will be safe. Only good insurance can guarantee that if your boat happens like a fish and it sinks, you will have the financial resources to raise it or be compensated for its loss.

And if someone tells you that your boat is like a fish in the water, hesitate and, in any case, secure it.

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