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Can a police officer have a life insurance policy?

Can a police officer have a life insurance policy? The police profession is one of the most dangerous. Their job is to put their lives at risk practically every day to protect the community. In 2022 alone, 245 officers died, with 60 being victims of shootings, 32 in car accidents, and 13 from heart attacks, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page.
The inherent danger in the police profession has helped create certain myths about the impossibility of officers acquiring life insurance. It is said that they cannot be insured because they are rejected by insurance companies. This assertion is not entirely true. There are insurance companies that offer life policies not only to police officers but also to firefighters, oil exploration workers, pilots, and other high-risk professions.
In reality, police officers have the opportunity to choose between the two main types of life insurance policies, permanent and term. Many prefer term life insurance and acquire coverage for the time they plan to serve as law enforcement agents – that is, 10, 15, 20, or 25 years. Among other benefits, term insurance is cheaper than a permanent policy. The latter will cover the insured for their entire life, as long as they continue paying.
What is not a myth is that insurance for people in high-risk professions is more expensive than for those who practice a less dangerous occupation. That’s why it’s common for police officers to prefer the group insurance offered by their employer. It’s not a bad idea, although it has the disadvantage of providing a more limited benefit that generally does not meet the needs of the insured’s family. In addition, being subject to the employer, if the agent changes departments, they would have to seek new life insurance.
However, if the police officer acquires their own insurance – permanent or term – this policy will follow them wherever they go and will remain valid as long as the terms of the contract are met.
If you are a police officer or exercise a high-risk profession and are concerned about the financial security of your family, call Univista Insurance, and you can acquire life insurance that suits your needs. Can a police officer have a life insurance policy?

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