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Can a truck driver have life insurance?

Can a truck driver have life insurance? Being a truck driver is a lucrative yet demanding profession. Traveling across the country for several days to provide for your children and put food on the table is a significant sacrifice and a testament to love. Mainly because the roads are dangerous; any mistake could cost the trucker their life: a brake failure, a skid on ice, a collision with another truck, or simply falling asleep from exhaustion.
If the worst were to happen to a truck driver involved in an accident, their family could be left vulnerable, and all the sacrifices would have been in vain. To make matters worse, besides mourning their loss, the family would have to take on all the debts left behind: the mortgage, loans, children’s education, and family support. They would have to handle the expenses that the trucker used to cover their work.
Although it may seem impossible, truck drivers have a solution to ensure financial security for their families. I’m referring to trucker life insurance. There are two main types of life insurance tailored for truckers: term life insurance and permanent life insurance.
Term life insurance can be purchased for a set period, ranging from five to 30 years, depending on the trucker’s preference. On the other hand, permanent life insurance typically covers truckers until the end of their days as long as they keep up with the premium payments.
You might wonder if life insurance is expensive. For example, you can provide your family with a death benefit of around $500,000 by paying just over $50 per month or a million-dollar benefit by paying a premium of around $100 per month.
The premium amount is determined by the type of insurance you choose, the insurance company, your age, your health condition, whether you undergo a medical exam for the policy and the death benefit amount.
If you’re a truck driver interested in having life insurance to protect your loved ones, feel free to contact Univista Insurance with any questions. Can a truck driver have life insurance?

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